A guide for foreigners to work in China

A guide for foreigners to work in China

Recently, there are many private letters. What materials do foreigners need to work in China, and what precautions do they need?

Before entry:

1、 There are two core documents in the notice of foreigners' work permit in China:

1) no criminal record and certificate

2) highest academic certificate and certificate

Tips: the valid period of the notice of work permit to China is only 90 days. You should go to the local embassy to apply for a visa as soon as possible after you get it

2、 Pu invitation letter

Pu invitation letter is a document that must be added to apply for a visa after the epidemic. It is an invitation letter issued by the government and applied by enterprises. As this document needs to be reviewed by the provincial foreign affairs office or the Department of Commerce, many embassies currently only accept visa renewal applications for PU invitation letters

After entry:

1、 Two core materials of foreigner work permit:

1) work visa

2) the entry seal affixed at the time of entry

Small tips:

1)The date on the entry seal is very important. The date on the entry seal is the date of the first day of entry and is included in the validity of the visa

2) it is not allowed to use two passports at the same time in China. You can only use the same passport from visa application to entry, work and life

2、 Two core materials of residence permit:

1). relevant qualification certificates of the enterprise

2). work permit obtained

Tips: foreigners who want to work in China for a long time must first obtain a work permit and then apply for a work residence permit. The two are not carried out at the same time, but in a sequence.

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