How to Apply For Chinese Green Card for Couples Reunion

Foreigners apply for Chinese green card for the first time, do not know how to apply. Memorize the following procedures to apply for a green card in one step!

What are the requirements for applying for permanent residence in conjugal reunion?

1. Marry a Chinese citizen or a foreigner who has obtained permanent residence status in China for at least five years.

2. The applicant shall have resided in China for at least 5 consecutive years and shall have resided in China for at least 9 months each year.

3. Foreigners who have stable living security and residence in China.

What are the application materials?

1. Fill in the Application Form for Permanent Residence in China.

Valid passport and certificate.

3. Marriage relationship certificate, marriage relationship certificate issued by foreign countries should be certified by Chinese consulates or embassies abroad, valid within 6 months from the date of issuance.

4. Id card and household registration certificate of Chinese spouse; Valid passport and Permanent Residence Id Card of foreign spouse.

Remember to check the marital status of the household register, showing that you are married and writing the English name of your spouse on the remarks page. If you do not meet the requirements, go to the police station to modify.

5. Proof of living security or proof of financial resources.

6. House ownership or house lease contract.

7. The health certificate issued by the domestic and entry inspection and quarantine department shall be valid within 6 months from the date of issuance.

8. Certificate of no criminal record abroad, authenticated by Chinese embassy or consulate abroad, valid within 6 months from the date of issuance.

Special points to note in the application process

1. Applicants who have changed their nationality should submit proof of naturalization.

2. If the applicant’s name is changed, provide proof of name change or proof that the two names are the same person.

3. Interview the applicant if necessary, and submit supplementary materials within the agreed time, otherwise it will be cancelled.

4. Proof of no criminal record, proof of marriage, proof of kinship and proof of name change shall be certified by The Chinese Embassy or consulate in that country.

5. Foreign documents must be translated into Chinese.

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