Can foreigners adopt children in China?

China has clear laws on whether foreigners can adopt children in China. According to the Measures for the Registration of Children Adopted by Foreigners in China, foreigners can adopt children in China. The Measures point out that foreign adopters and placers need to provide some information as follows:

Documents to be provided by foreign adopters:

Aliens who adopt children in China, the adoption application shall be transmitted through the host government or the adoption organization entrusted by the government (hereinafter referred to as the foreign adoption organization) to the adoption organization entrusted by the Chinese government (hereinafter referred to as the China adoption organization)and the family situation report and certification of the adopter shall be submitted.

The adoption application, Family Report and Certificate of the adopter as prescribed in the preceding paragraph means the adoption certificate issued by the competent authority of the state in which the adopter is located and certified by an organ authorized by the diplomatic organ or the diplomatic organ of the state in which the adopter is located, the following documents have been authenticated by the embassy or consulate of the People’s Republic of China in that country

Aliens who work or study in China for more than one year and who adopt children in China shall submit documents other than the certificates of physical examination as prescribed in the preceding paragraph and shall submit a certificate of marital status, occupation, economic income or property status issued by the unit or department concerned in China, has received the criminal punishment certificate as well as the county level above the Health Examination certificate issued by medical institutions.

Documents to be provided by the person placing out the child for adoption:

The person placing out the child for adoption shall submit to the Civil Affairs Department of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the central government his or her household registration book and resident identity card (if the social welfare institution is the person giving up the child, it shall submit the identity card of the person in charge of the child for adoption) , the household registration certificate of the adoptee, etc. , the following supporting documents shall be submitted according to different circumstances:

(1) if the natural parents of the adoptee (including those who have divorced) are the adopters, they shall submit proof of the special difficulties of the natural parents and written opinions of the natural parents on their consent to the adoption; among them, if the adoptee’s natural father or natural mother is given up unilaterally because of the death of a spouse or because one of the adoptees’whereabouts is unknown, it shall also submit a certificate of the death or whereabouts of the spouse and a written statement that the parents of the deceased or missing spouse do not exercise priority custody.

(2) if neither of the adoptee’s parents has a full civil capacity and the adoptee’s other guardian is the adoptee, proof that the adoptee’s parents do not have the full civil capacity and do serious harm to the adoptee and that the Guardian has custody should be submitted.

(3) if both the adoptee’s parents are dead and the adoptee’s guardian is the adopter, the death certificate of the adoptee’s biological parents and the proof of the Guardian’s actual assumption of guardianship responsibility shall be submitted, and the written opinions of other persons who have the obligation to support them to consent to the adoption.

(4) if the adopter is a social welfare institution, a certificate of the abandoned baby or child’s abandonment and discovery, as well as a certificate of the search for his parents or other guardians, shall be submitted; if the adopter is an orphan, a certificate of the death or declaration of the parents of the orphan shall be submitted, together with written opinions of the other persons who have the obligation to bring up the orphan and consent to the adoption.

If a disabled child is to be placed up for adoption, a certificate of the child’s disability issued by a medical institution at or above the county level shall also be submitted.

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