Can Foreigners Mortgage to Buy a House in China?

According to the Notice on Further Standardizing the Management of House Purchase by Overseas Institutions and Individuals released in 2010, overseas individuals in China can only buy one residential house for their own use. Therefore, foreigners are limited to purchase only one house in China, so they need to buy a house in a city where they can work and live steadily.

Can foreigners handle housing mortgage loan business in the bank?


Foreigners can buy a house in two ways of payment

The first kind: one-time payment, only need to provide passport and foreigner residence certificate.

The 2nd kind: although foreign personage buys a house is one-time payment commonly, but the foreign personage that has mortgage loan demand in the light of a few, each bank has housing of foreign personage mortgage loan business.

Foreigners apply for mortgage loan conditions in China

First, applicants must be employed locally

Second, local Chinese citizens must provide guarantees

The applicant also needs to provide proof materials to the bank, namely identity certificate, marriage certificate and credit certificate.

Credit certificate refers to the annual family financial report, stock transaction form and government tax form issued by the accounting firm in the foreign country. These are to be confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or authorized agencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our embassy in the country and the embassy of the country in China. The bank can issue housing mortgage loan after checking these certification materials.

Other standards such as loan rates are treated the same as domestic citizens. The loan term cannot exceed the validity period of the passport.

In the meantime, the house should sell foreign personage, development business must want to put on record to relevant branch, obtain confirm approval text ability sells foreign personage, cannot deal with property right card otherwise.

Information required for foreigners to apply for loans

1. Original and copy of passport, valid residence permit in Mainland China;

2. Original and copy of marriage certificate. The certificate of marital status issued by the notary office of the country of residence certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country of residence or the certificate of marital status issued by the embassy or consulate in China (including the certificate that the person has no spouse), if the English version, the Chinese translation issued by the Foreign Affairs Office should be attached.

3. The applicant or co-owner is unable to handle the mortgage loan in person on the spot:

(1) Married persons: if both the husband and wife can not be present at the same time, the one who can not be present can sign the Power of Attorney and entrust his spouse to handle the matter (at least one of the husband and wife comes personally). The Power of Attorney shall be notarized by the notary organ of the country and authenticated by the Embassy and consulate of China in the country; Or notarized by our embassy or consulate in that country; Or notarized by the embassy or consulate of the country in China (if the English version, the Chinese translation issued by the Foreign Affairs Office should be attached with relevant seals).

(2) Unmarried: foreign nationals who are unmarried can only entrust their immediate relatives to handle it on their behalf. The Letter of Authorization requires the same as above.

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