Can Foreigners with Q1/Q2 Visas Work in China?

(1) The answer is no. If you hold Q1/Q2 visa and work in China, you may be fined, given a verbal warning and severely deported once you are investigated and punished by the Exit and Entry Administration bureau.

(2) There are no relevant regulations in China that allow the combination of Q visa and Z (work visa), so foreigners holding Q1/Q2 visa to enter China need to cancel the Q visa if they want to work legally in China. The employer should apply for the foreigner's work permit in China and apply for the corresponding work residence permit in the exit and entry.

What should you pay attention to after entering China with Q1 visa?

The Q1 visa will say "within 30 days of entry to China must be......" After entering China, visa holders need to apply for a residence permit at the Exit and Entry Administration bureau.

Failure to do so could result in a fine of 500 yuan per day or, in severe cases, deportation and a five-year ban from entering China.

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