Changing Marriage Status Is So Important For Chinese Green Card

One of the most overlooked details in applying for a Chinese green card for family reunification is changing the marital status in the hukou to married. The lack of this will directly reduce the green card application efficiency!

Being married is a prerequisite for applying for permanent residence. In daily life, it is necessary to change the marital status in the household registration book to be consistent with the actual situation when conducting real estate transactions and applying for a one-time exit and Entry permit for minor children.

All in all, the marital status of hukou directly affects every aspect of life in China, making it the most important and most easily overlooked item in applying for a green card.

Prepare the following materials to quickly change marital status and avoid detours on the road to applying for permanent residence.

The change of marriage status needs to be handled in the local police station, and bring the following materials

1. Id card and household register of the Chinese spouse.

2, marriage certificate materials, foreign issued by the Chinese embassy consulate certification.

3. When the foreign materials are translated into Chinese, the translation documents shall be translated and sealed by a regular translation company.

Overseas marriage certificate consular certification procedures and required materials

To apply for consular certification of overseas marriage certificate, it is necessary to notarize the notary first, then submit the notarized documents to the diplomatic department for certification, and finally to the Chinese Consulate for consulate certification.

Applicants are required to provide the scanned copy of the first page of the couple's passport, the original or scanned copy of the marriage certificate and the application form for notarization certification.

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