Conditions for Foreigners to Register Companies in China

1. Shareholders can be foreign enterprises or foreign residents. Foreign enterprises submit notarized legal business certificates, and foreign individuals submit notarized passports. Foreign residents are required to submit and verify the identity certificates and notarized passports of capital shareholders.

2. If the board of supervisors is established, three supervisors are required. If the board of supervisors is not established, one supervisor can be established.

3. A foreign-funded registered company may set up a board of directors. If it does not, it needs to set up an executive director. The executive director may be a mainland resident or a foreigner.

4. The registration of a foreign-funded company in Chinese Mainland requires actual capital contributions, and the foreign-funded company may make capital contributions for registration in accordance with the provisions of the new company law. Foreign investors need to put their registered capital into the foreign exchange account of the foreign-funded company, which shall be verified by a professional accounting firm and issue a capital verification report.

5. When registering foreign capital, the company name needs to be approved, and multiple company names need to be submitted for name search. 

6. The business scope must be clear, and the business scope shall not exceed the business scope of the company.

7. When a foreign-funded registered company is established, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall submit the articles of association. The articles of association must include the company's name, business scope, shareholders and their proportion of capital contribution, registered capital, rights and obligations of shareholders, directors and supervisors, etc.

8. The feasibility study report shall be submitted when the foreign-funded company is approved.

9. When a foreign-funded registered company carries out financial registration, it is required to submit the information of a financial personnel, including ID card and copy, copy and photo of accounting post.

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