Employment of Foreigners in China

According to Article 7 of the regulations on the administration of employment of foreigners in China, foreigners must meet the following conditions for employment in China:

(1) At least 18 years old, in good health;

(2) Have the professional skills and corresponding work experience necessary for their work;

(3) No criminal record;

(4) There is a definite employing unit;

(5) Hold a valid passport or other international travel documents that can replace the passport.

Whether it is to apply for a work permit or a work residence permit, there are specified time limits. Generally speaking, China implements the employment permit system for foreigners working in China, which is divided into three steps:

1、 Apply for the foreigner work permit notice and invitation letter, the employer logs in to the "foreigner work management service system in China", registers the unit user and carries out real name authentication, fills in relevant information for the applicant, uploads the original paper materials, and submits them after inspection. According to the application status prompt, submit the original and copy of relevant materials to the acceptance window for verification. After approval, the handler of the employer can print the foreigner work permit notice online. The employer then applies for the invitation confirmation letter at the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office or the Municipal Commission of Commerce.

2、 Apply for work visa. Apply for a work visa at Chinese embassies abroad with the foreigner's work permit notice, invitation letter and valid passport.

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