Fall in Love with Shanghai Theaters, Plan Before Reopening!

Shanghai local's lifestyles combine the best of China's past and present along with some Western cultural aspects, making Shanghai's local culture unique in the world. In this cosmopolitan metropolis, visitors can experience both the history and modernity of Shanghai; and theaters are definitely one of the best places to see how different strands of culture combined.  

Here we'll introduce 5 top theaters in Shanghai. When everything gets better, be sure to go there for a fantastic show!

Shanghai Grand Theatre

Shanghai Grand Theatre is one of the top ten new landmark buildings in Shanghai. It has won many awards and honorary titles, with world famous performance grouphere offering the original English classic musical "Les Miserables" Asian Premiere, ballet like "Swan Lake" "Cinderella", operas like "A Dream of Red Mansions", and symphony, chamber music, drama, and other kinds of large performances and variety parties. The Shanghai Grand Theatre is the most important base for cultural communication and exchange in Shanghai.


No.300 People's Avenue, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Shanghai Opera House

Jointly designed by the Tongji University Architectural Design Team and Research Institute Group and other Chinese and foreign team, Shanghai Opera House is a combination of music performance, music education, music creation, and international communication. Shanghai Music Opera House features opera, while including symphony concerts, musicals, chamber music, dance, opera, and other rich performance types at the same time. The shape of the opera house is like a pilot bow setting sail, leading the past and writing a new chapter of artistic interpretation.


Jinzhong Plaza, No.98 Huaihai Middle Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Shanghai International Dance Center

Shanghai international dance center is one of the most famous cultural places in Shanghai. It is also the national and Asia's first professional dance center, the domestic leading, and the international first-class dance art base. It has gathered the Shanghai ballet, Shanghai dance troupe, Shanghai Drama Academy, and Shanghai dance schools. The world's top dance performances, including various international and domestic large-scale dance competitions are held here, such as "Magic Carpet Dream Garden", "Little Match Girl" and "Kafka". It has become a new cultural landmark of Shanghai integrating industry, university and research.


No.1650 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Shanghai Oriental Art Center

Shanghai Oriental Art is the landmark and one of the most well-known cultural facilities in Shanghai. It has a concert hall, an opera hall and other facilities. The center has an appearance of a "phalaenopsis". Most of the world-famous symphony orchestra performances are held in the Oriental Art Center. To be noted, it is the only domestic center to hold the Vienna philharmonic concert and Berlin philharmonic concert. Over the past ten years, performing groups and artists from more than 90 countries and regions have held more than 6,600 performances here. Well-known conductor Zuminmeta once praised: “I am shocked that Shanghai can have such an international standard theater!”


No.425 Dingxiang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre 

Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre has a 1,600-seat grand theater, a 400-seat multi-function hall and two outdoor theaters. Since 2018, it has held various colorful activities, including the "Poly Summer" Shanghai Children's Chorus Festival, the "2021 Red Classic Culture Series" performance, and the "2021 Shanghai Poly Grand Theater Outdoor Performance Season". It has also created the first " Yuanxiang Lake Art Festival". It is a major cultural facility project in Shanghai during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. It provides the public with the opportunity to be exposed to high art, developing an inclusive cultural environment in Jiading, and playing a leading role in the cultural lifestyle in China. 


No.159 Baiyin Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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