Foreign teachers apply for Chinese work visa materials summary

With the promulgation of the policy of exempting PU invitation letter for foreigners working in China by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, the number of foreigners applying to work in China as teachers will be greatly increased. Zhongchuang Qiaozhi here to apply for work visa materials required to do a summary, I hope to help you.

First, a certified degree. The foreign teachers are required to be certified by the Chinese embassy in a foreign country or the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education.

Second, no crime certification. The latest requirements show that no crime requires foreign certification and domestic no crime seamless connection, which has more requirements for foreign talents in China. Non-criminal applications also have two ways, Chinese embassy certification in foreign countries or from the country of nationality in China embassy application, transfer procedures, previously certified, no need to be certified again, only from the recent six months of residence application.

Certificate of more than two years' working experience. The certificate of work experience requires more than two years of work experience after graduation, which is not available to many foreigners who want to apply for work visas, because many foreigners came to China within two years after graduation and have never applied for work visas in China, so they cannot apply for work visas even if they are excellent and their conditions are not met.

There are also some foreigners who want to change their job title, which requires them to provide another two years' working experience certificate that is not inconsistent with the time line submitted in the system before, which is also very difficult.

Fourth, other materials such as medical examination, cancellation letters, passports and so on are relatively easy to collect. Cancellation letter is required for transfer, as long as the foreign teacher has no big fault, the original unit can provide.

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