How Can Foreigners Get COVID Vaccines in Shanghai, China?

Starting from March 29, 2021, Shanghai will start booking COVID-19 vaccines for foreigners in the city by the principle of "informed, voluntary, self-funded at your own risk."

Foreigners in Shanghai who want to be vaccinated can register online through the "Health Cloud" APP.  After reservation, you can bring your permanent residence ID card or passport and valid residence certificate by SMS confirmation notice to the designated time and place.

Before vaccination at the designate site, you need to sign the informed consent and disclaimer letter according to the procedures,  and inform your health status -- medical staff will determine whether your health condition is ready for vaccination.

Within 14 days after vaccination, you must pay close attention to your physical condition. If there're any adverse reactions, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

How to make appointment?

1. Download the "Health Cloud" APP, Click "Install" to log in 

App download link:

Or click this link( to use the web version

2. Go to home page, Locate Shanghai, Click "people from overseas"

3. Enter the page, Click 'Registration for foreigners in Shanghai'

4. Click "I Agree"

5. Complete registration, Click "Submit" 

To provide better service to expats in Shanghai, the information of thevaccination sites available for booking is released as follows. Updates on moresites can be checked on Health Cloud App.

Vaccination Sites in All Districts:

If you are in lockdown or quarantine and need any help, please contact us to get your answers. We are always ready to help you!

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