Guidelines for the Cancellation of Chinese Work Visas for Foreigners

1、 Reasons for cancellation of foreigner's work visa

After foreigners apply for a Chinese work visa, if the contract expires or the labor contract is terminated in advance, the employer may go through the cancellation procedures of work permit and residence permit before the expiration of the work visa. Let's talk about the impact of these two cancellations on foreigners and enterprises.

1. If the enterprise only handles the cancellation procedures of work permit, foreigners can take the cancellation certificate to change to other units and extend the work visa, which is also the most common one.

Enterprise risk: after the cancellation of the work permit and before the change of the work permit to a new unit, the work visa relationship is still in the original company. During this period, if foreigners break the law or have personal accidents. May be jointly and severally liable to the company. Generally, the company will limit a time limit for foreigners to go through the change procedures from the perspective of friendly negotiation.

2. If the work permit is cancelled, the residence permit shall be cancelled. Foreigners will get a 30 day stay visa, during which they can find employment in other units or leave China after expiration. At the same time, all relationships will be dissolved, regardless of the original company.

3. The law stipulates that foreigners must cancel their work visas when they end their labor relations with the company. If they fail to go through the cancellation procedures according to law, the legal responsibilities of the unit and foreigners will be investigated.

4. If foreigners plan to leave China, they must also provide the cancellation certificate of foreigners' work permit in China when handling the refund of endowment insurance and the one-time treatment of individual accounts of medical insurance.

2、 Foreigner work visa cancellation process

1. Work permit cancellation

2. Cancellation of residence permit and visa

After obtaining the work permit cancellation certificate, go to the entry-exit department to go through the cancellation procedures, and the applicant shall be present in person.

3、 Materials for cancellation of work visa for foreigners

1. Original passport

2. Blue background photos and photo receipt

3. Original work permit

4. Original resignation certificate

5. Original temporary accommodation registration form

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