How can apply for Chinese work visa as an investor

Foreigners can apply for a work visa (Category B) as an investor in a company (holding at least 10% of the shares). The positions of the applicants are investor and general manager.

No matter what type of visa a foreigner holds, a foreigner can register a company in China. To apply for a work visa as an investor, you need the following basic documents:

1、Enterprise report;

2、Capital verification report;

3、Bank statement;

4、Employing Chinese employees;

5、The other.

How to extend investor status work visa

When a foreigner extends his/her work visa as an investor, he/she shall prepare documents to prove that the company is in normal operation, pay attention to ensure that the company is in normal financial operation, and solve tax problems, annual settlement and payment, annual inspection and declaration, etc. The proof generally includes:

1、Invoices for commercial transactions;

2、The company's bank account;

3、Proof of employment of Chinese employees

Other ways to apply for work permits

1、Meter point integral

2、Four times the social wage

3、Six times the average salary

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