How can foreigners come to China during the epidemic?

During the epidemic, it is difficult for foreigners to apply for Chinese visas, and the quarantine time for foreigners returning to China is also long. Here is a brief description of what visa types foreigners can apply for during the epidemic.

First: foreign nationals who have been vaccinated in China

At present, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, Dubai, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries have introduced Chinese vaccines, but most countries like Europe and the United States have not introduced them. If you have received the Chinese vaccine, you can apply for the Chinese reunion visa (Q1 or Q2 visa), Chinese business visa (M visa), Chinese work visa (Z visa).

Second: foreign nationals who cannot have Chinese vaccines can apply for Chinese visas only if they meet the following conditions

1. If the Chinese direct relatives (parents, grandparents, grandparents, spouse, children) in China have serious and urgent health conditions, they need to provide relevant medical certificates and other documents to the Chinese Embassy. The Embassy will issue visas according to the specific situation.

2. Large enterprises in Mainland China invite foreigners to enter China for business, trade or work. In this case, enterprises should apply for PU letter from the local foreign affairs office and send it to foreign applicants.

Third: Korean nationals can directly apply for Chinese work visa entry, do not require inoculation of Chinese vaccines, do not require enterprises to apply for PU letter letter in advance.

If none of the above conditions meet the requirements, we can only wait until the epidemic stabilizes and China's visa policy is relaxed.

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