How do Foreigners Apply for a Stay Permit in China?

Application conditions

1. Foreigners who need to stay beyond the visa exemption period due to non diplomatic or official reasons;

2. Foreign crew members and their accompanying family members need to leave the city where the port of call is located;

3. Those who have been approved to withdraw from Chinese nationality and need to stay in China;

4. Foreigners whose reasons for residence are suspended and who need to stay for humanitarian reasons;

5. Foreign babies born in China need to stay in China;

6. There are other situations where foreigners' residence certificates need to be handled.

Materials required

1. The original of my valid passport and visa;

2. Submit the completed application form for foreigner visa certificate

3. Submit supporting materials consistent with the application reasons:

(1) foreigners who enter the country without visa shall provide corresponding application materials according to the entry reasons and with reference to the relevant visa handling notice; 

(2) The foreign crew members shall submit the seafarer's certificate (or other international travel documents), the letter of certification from the shipping agency, and the air (ship, train) ticket with the date and seat determined; Accompanying family members must also provide proof of kinship; 

(3) Those who are approved to withdraw from Chinese nationality shall submit the certificate of withdrawal of the people's Republic of China, foreign passports (or other international travel documents) and supporting materials related to the reasons for stay; 

(4) If an alien's reason for residence is suspended, proof materials that the reason for residence has been terminated shall be submitted; 

(5) For foreign babies born in China, the original and copy of the baby's birth certificate, valid passports of both parents (or other travel documents) must be submitted;

(6) Submit relevant materials proving other reasons for stay.

matters needing attention

1. If the exit Entry Administration of the public security organ deems it necessary to interview the applicant or request to submit other supplementary materials, except for the reasons of force majeure, if it fails to accept the interview or submit materials within the agreed time, the acceptance shall be revoked. 

2. The decision made by the exit Entry Administration of the public security organ not to extend, renew or reissue ordinary visas, not to apply for foreigners' residence certificates and not to extend the period of residence shall be the final decision.

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