How Does Foreigner Deregister the Company That Opens in China?

Deregister process of foreign-funded company:

1. Deregister procedures of the Commercial Bureau;

2. Deregister procedures of the Tax Bureau;

3. Deregister formalities of customs;

4, industrial and commercial bureau of deregister procedures;

5, the deregister of the Public Security Bureau;

6. Deregister procedures of banks.

Deregister materials of foreign-funded companies

1, enterprise deregister application;

2. Resolutions or decisions made by the highest authority stipulated in the articles of association;

3. Liquidation report or documents for clearing claims and debts by the liquidation organization; Liquidation audit report and liquidation report;

4. Notice of deregister has been published in the newspaper (the newspaper shall be a publicly issued newspaper);

5. Tax payment certificate of investment by tax authorities and customs;

6. Other relevant materials required by government departments.

Failure of foreign-funded Chinese enterprises to declare tax on time and cancel will bring serious consequences to the company and legal representative. The specific impacts are as follows:

1. The company will be fined 2,000 to 10,000 yuan by the Tax Bureau every year;

2. Corporate representatives are prevented from leaving the country if taxes are not paid; Unable to take planes and high-speed trains;

3. If you do not declare tax for a long time, the Tax Bureau will come to your door for inspection;

4. If you do not declare tax for a long time, the invoice will be locked;

5. It is stored in the abnormal operation list by the Industrial and Commercial Credit network, and all external application businesses are restricted, such as bank account opening, entering the mall, bidding and so on.

If you are a foreigner, your reputation in China will be damaged and you may be rejected by Chinese customs. That means no access to the Chinese market for investment.

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