How foreign students work in China Legally?

1. Work-study program and salary

First of all, the work-study programme in institutions of higher learning, that is, “The time for students to participate in work-study programmes should in principle not exceed 8 hours a week and not exceed 40 hours a month”, and clear “During the winter and summer vacation, students to take part in the work-study time work-study week in principle not more than 16 hours, not more than 80 hours a month.”. In terms of salary, whether on-campus or off-campus work-study, international students and Chinese students pay the same standard, that is, not lower than the local minimum living standard or minimum wage standard.

2. Work-study program on campus

As far as on-campus work-study programmes are concerned, it is foreseeable that on-campus work-study posts open to Chinese students may gradually open to international students. On the other hand, there may be on-campus work-study jobs with international characteristics open to international students. Compared with field work-study program, work-study program in school is simpler, more convenient, more standardized and safer, but the salary level may not be high.

3. Work-study program in the field

These measures put forward some conditions for international students to carry out work-study programmes in the field. In particular, it was mentioned that only international students who have studied continuously in the current school for more than one year can participate in the field work-study programme, which means that new students are not eligible to participate in the field work-study programme. . At the same time, only international students with“More than six months of remaining valid residence” will be allowed to take part in the work-study program, the measures said. This means that many international students holding short-term study visas/residence permits are also restricted from taking part in work-study programmes, which are also limited to the municipality in which the school is located.

It is worth noting that these measures do not limit and guide the field work-study posts, the type of employers, industries, vocational qualifications and so on.

4.Work-study program

It should be noted that if your work-study activities exceed the time and scope of the law, you will still face the risk of “Illegal employment” and penalties, such as fines, detention and even deportation. Therefore, we should abide by the law when engaging in work-study activities.

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