How to cancel a foreigner's work permit in China?

After foreigners apply for work permits, if the contract expires or the labor contract is terminated in advance, the employer may go through the formalities for cancellation of work permits and residence permits before the expiration of the work visa.

1. The most common way for enterprises is to only go through the cancellation procedures of work permits, so that foreigners can take the cancellation certificate to change to other units and extend their work visas.

After the cancellation of the work permit, the foreign employee fails to change the work permit to the new unit in time. During this period, the work visa relationship is still in the original company. During this period, if the foreigner violates the law or has personal accidents, the company may be jointly and severally liable. Generally, the company will set a time limit for foreigners to go through the change procedures for the sake of friendly negotiation.

2. If the work permit is cancelled, continue to cancel the residence permit. Foreigners will get a 30 day stay visa, during which they can find employment in other units or leave China after the expiration. At the same time, all relationships will be dissolved, regardless of the original company.

3. The law stipulates that foreigners must cancel their work visas when they end their labor relations with the company. If they fail to go through the cancellation procedures according to law, the legal responsibilities of the unit and the foreigners will be investigated.

Logout method:

1. The employer applies for cancellation: if the employer and the employee terminate the labor relationship due to legal reasons or consensus through consultation, the employer shall apply for cancellation to the decision-making institution within 10 working days from the date of occurrence of the reasons.

2. Individual application for cancellation of foreign employees: if the employer terminates, the applicant may apply for cancellation of the license by submitting an application form and a certificate of termination of the employer to the decision-making body.

Secondly, automatic cancellation refers to the automatic cancellation of a foreigner's work permit in China after the expiration of its validity period.

Finally, the legal cancellation refers to the cancellation of the foreigner's work permit in China by the legal institution if it is revoked, withdrawn or revoked according to law.

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