How to Open Bank Accounts in China for Foreigners?

Daily life in China is full of “Chinese-style payment” methods — wechat, Alipay, these payment methods have a common feature: you need to bind a bank card to open an account in China. Can foreigners apply for bank cards in China? How do I get a bank card? What materials do I need to prepare? What should I pay attention to?

Necessary information for opening an Account

1. Valid passport: The passport is within the period of validity

2. Certificate of Employment: The foreigner’s name, position and other information should be included (such as working residence permit)

3. Photocopy of foreigner’s Residence Permit/permanent residence permit: valid for more than one year, and more than one month before the expiration date

Account opening process

1. Open a phone card

Before you can apply for a bank card in China, you need to buy and open a phone card with your real name so that you can receive a verification code when transferring money. Foreigners bring their passports to the business hall.

2. Go to a big bank to apply for a bank card with all the necessary information

Some big banks have passport reader related equipment, which can provide convenience for foreign friends to handle bank cards, and at the same time do anti-counterfeiting verification function, convenient and quick to save time.

The applicant still needs to fill out an Individual Account Opening and Comprehensive Service Application form and a declaration of individual tax resident status if he/she has brought all the necessary information with him/her.

After you have brought all the necessary information, you only need to fill out a further personal customer information registration form.

3. Bank card application fee: handling fee 5 yuan, annual fee 10 yuan/year

4. At this time, the applicant should provide his/her own phone number for receiving SMS messages and verification.

5. Fill in the application, the bank passes the examination, the account is opened successfully, open personal online banking, mobile banking.

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