How to Renew Passport if Your Passport Expires in China?

According to the policies of different embassies and consulates in different countries, it takes about 1-2 months to change the passport.

Passport Replacement process

1. The applicant can first check whether the residence permit on the passport is about to expire. If the residence permit is about to expire within 90 days, the applicant should first report the matter of changing the passport to the Visa Department of the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Residence Permit.

2. The applicant shall prepare the passport renewal materials according to the requirements of the Embassy of his/her country in China, and submit the application for renewal according to the requirements;

3. After receiving the new passport, renew the registration at the local police station;

4. Apply for the alteration of work permit after obtaining the new passport (approved by the Foreign Experts Bureau);

5. Apply for a new work-type residence permit with a new passport, work permit, company seal and other documents required for entry and exit.

My passport is being changed. What if I need to travel by air or train?

When the passport is being renewed by the foreign embassy in China, what should I do if I need to travel by plane, high-speed train or hotel accommodation?

You can write to your home embassy and the embassy will issue a certificate saying that the person's passport is being extended and the foreigner can use this certificate as a temporary document to travel. At the same time, please keep the color copy of the original passport and the photocopy of the valid visa page and residence permit page together with the certificate. To purchase air tickets, you need to consult the airline in advance. To purchase high-speed trains and train tickets, you need to purchase them at the railway station counter.

After passport is changed, do not undertake working permit to change?

No way! If the work permit is not renewed, the passport information bound to the work permit will always be under the name of the old passport, but the old passport has become invalid. The work permit has always reflected expired information, which cannot be managed and protected by the company and individuals. Therefore, the work permit information should be updated as soon as possible to get the new passport.

After the update, the work permit does not need to be replaced, but the bound passport information in the card will be updated with the new passport number.

What if the foreigner does not plan to work temporarily after the passport is changed?

Need to communicate with the company resignation and cancellation of work permit procedures

Prepare the documents of leaving -- the company submits the application for the cancellation of work permit -- submit the documents of the cancellation of residence permit with the cancellation of work permit -- cancel the residence permit, get the stay visa -- leave China within the validity period of the stay visa (30 days)

What if you want to continue living in China? Transfer of residence permit can be considered

1. Residence Permit for reunion: The prerequisite is that the applicant has Chinese direct relatives (spouse, parents, children, grandparents or maternal grandparents) currently living in China (or those with above status have permanent residence in China and have settled in China);

2, domestic study: you can consult the current non-degree courses of domestic universities for short-term study;

3, entrepreneurship: registered foreign enterprises, become a legal person of the company, participate in the operation of the company, the company employs individuals, re-apply for a work visa (the specific policies and regulations of different cities are slightly different, please consult the case first).

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