How to settle in Shanghai for foreign students

Conditions for overseas students to settle in Shanghai:

1. Educational requirements

The highest academic degree is at least bachelor's degree or above. People with various academic degrees are required to study abroad for the following time:

Foreign doctor: studying abroad for at least one year (360 days) and joint training for at least 180 days

Master abroad: study abroad for at least half a year (180 days)

Foreign undergraduate: study abroad for at least two years (720 days)

Advanced study and visiting scholars: study abroad for at least one year (360 days)

2. Requirements after returning home

Working in Shanghai within two years after returning home, you can apply for settlement after paying more than twice the social security for half a year. And cancel the requirement that the first job must be in Shanghai.

3. Social security individual income tax payment requirements

Taking 10338 yuan / month as the reference benchmark for calculating the social security payment base, the social security base of different multiples of international students is as follows:

One time of social security base ≥ 10338 yuan / month, continuous payment for half a year;

1.5 times the social security base ≥ 15507 yuan / month for one year.

Personal income tax will change due to leave, commission, salary adjustment and other reasons, but it must be kept above the base requirement, otherwise it will be accumulated again. Social security needs to be accumulated again when changing the company or changing the entity of the company; After the materials are submitted, you cannot resign during the review period.

4. School requirements

College graduates who are not in the top 500 in the world pay 1.5 times the base social security for 12 months. Master's degree colleges and universities within the world's top 500 or undergraduate colleges and universities are domestic double first-class construction colleges and universities to pay social security of one time the base for six months.

5. Company requirements

The company has a registered capital of more than 1million and is registered in Shanghai. The employment time is more than 2 years, and the application validity is more than 3 months.

Procedures for settlement of overseas students in Shanghai

1. The applicant applies to the municipal human resources and social security department through the city's "all in one network" system, and uploads the scanned copies of the original application materials and other electronic documents.

2. After the municipal human resources and social security department receives the application through the "all in one network" system, if the materials are incomplete or do not meet the requirements, the acceptance department will inform the applicant to supplement or upload the relevant materials again; If the materials are complete and effective, enter the personnel file verification stage. After verification, the application unit submits written materials to the acceptance department for on-site acceptance, and the acceptance Department verifies the original and retains the original or copy according to the actual situation. The acceptance department shall complete the preliminary examination within 5 working days after the on-site acceptance.

3. Shanghai human resources and Social Security Bureau shall review the materials passed the preliminary review according to the regulations and complete the review within 10 working days.

4. If it is approved, the municipal human resources and social security department will send the personnel information to the public security department through data sharing, and inform the applicant through the "all in one network" system and SMS. If the applicant fails to pass the examination and is returned during the examination, the municipal human resources and social security department shall inform the applicant of the results and reasons of the failure or return in the above form.

5. Those who have passed the examination shall go through the household registration transfer procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public security department.

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