Introduction to China’s work visa

Types of work visas for foreigners

According to the principle of “encouraging the high-end, controlling the general and limiting the low-end”, foreigners are divided into foreign high-end talents (Category A), foreign professionals (Category B) and other foreign personnel (Category C). As follows:

Foreign ordinary personnel (Category C) refer to temporary, seasonal, non-technical or service jobs that meet the needs of the domestic labor market and comply with national policies and regulations.

Foreign professionals (Category B) refer to those who want to meet the requirements of the foreign work guidance catalogue and the post requirements in China, as well as meet the standards for foreign professionals who count points. They should not be more than 60 years old, have a bachelor’s degree or above, and have 2 years or more of relevant work experience.

Foreign high-end talents (Category A) refer to scientists, leading scientists in science and technology, international entrepreneurs, special talents, etc. who meet the requirements of China’s economic and social development and meet the requirements of “high, precise and sophisticated” and market demand orientation, as well as foreign high-end talents who meet the criteria for point counting. Foreign high-end talents are not restricted by age and work experience.

How do foreigners apply for a work visa?

Foreigners who want to work in China must hold both the Work Permit and the Work Type Residence Permit before they can officially take up their posts. Therefore, the external employment process can be roughly divided into the following three steps:

1.Apply for the Notice of Foreigner’s Work Permit and Invitation, register an account and submit materials as required.

2.Foreigners who are allowed to work in China shall apply for a work visa at Chinese embassies and consulates abroad with the Notice of Foreigners’ Work Permit, the Letter of Confirmation of Invitation and their valid passports or certificates that can replace passports.

3.Apply for Foreigner’s Work Permit and apply for work type residence permit. Foreigners who are allowed to work in China shall apply for Foreigner’s Work Permit by the employer after entering China, and finally apply for work type residence permit at the Public Security Exit and Entry Administration Bureau. Foreigners can work legally in China.

Before employing foreigners, enterprises should pay attention to whether the above-mentioned certificates are complete and the time limit for handling them, so as to avoid illegal employment.

What are the advantages of obtaining a foreign work visa?

1. Have employment status

Holding a work type residence permit or work visa can be regarded as legitimate employment.

Obtaining other visas (Q visiting visa, L tourist visa, M trade visa, study type residence permit, and private affairs residence permit) to work is illegal employment. Foreigners and enterprises will be severely punished by the state, so you must confirm the type of visa you have obtained before you start working.

2. Own some Chinese citizen rights

Foreigners with work visas can enjoy the same benefits as Chinese citizens, such as buying a house and a car, paying social security, sending their children to school, and taking a driving test. Life in China has become more convenient.

3. Longer validity

The validity period of the visa is long. Generally, the validity period of the work visa is longer than that of other types of visas. At the same time, they can apply for permanent residence in China (Chinese green card) through work residence permit.

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