New policy coming to China! The PU letter is gone

With the slight improvement of the international epidemic situation and the gradual stabilization of the domestic epidemic situation, Chinese embassies in other countries are also gradually liberalizing the application for visas to China. As of today, the embassies of most mainstream countries have opened Q, S and Z-visa application channels. Overseas Chinese and foreigners who hope to reunite with their relatives and want to work in China can prepare materials and normally apply for visas through the above channels.

Of course, we also have good news for those who do not meet the conditions for applying for the above visa and have a strong desire to come to China. According to the news from the Chinese Embassy in France on June 28, from the 28th, those who intend to return to work in China from France (including economic, trade, education, science and technology, sports, culture and other fields) do not need to provide the visa invitation letter (PU) issued by the relevant Chinese departments when applying for M and F visas.

Chinese embassies in New Zealand, Uruguay, Brazil and other countries have also issued relevant certificates. It is believed that more embassies abroad will introduce similar policies in the near future, and small partners from other countries will have more ways to apply for visas to China.

Unfortunately, visa applications for tourism, medical treatment or other private affairs in China have not been accepted. After all, the global epidemic situation is still relatively severe.

Therefore, on June 30, the Chinese embassies in Australia and other countries also issued a new notice on the relevant requirements for pre trip inspection of personnel to China, some of which are as follows:

Pre trip inspection requirements

(1) All boarding personnel must conduct two nucleic acid tests within 48 hours before boarding

(2) The second nucleic acid test must be completed on the day of flight departure. Please be sure to carry the paper report with you.

(3) Passengers can apply for a health code after obtaining the first nucleic acid test report.

(4) Persons with previous infection history

Personnel with previous infection history shall submit two negative certificates of nucleic acid test (with an interval of more than 24 hours), and begin to fill in the self-health monitoring form for 14 consecutive days.

(5) Close contacts or persons with suspected symptoms

The party concerned shall conduct 5-day health monitoring and fill in the self-health monitoring form.

Important reminder

(1) Do a good job of self-health monitoring, pay attention to the protection before boarding and during the journey, and prevent the boarding from being blocked due to infection.

(2) Test and declare in good faith.

(3) Actively cooperate with airlines in various inspections.

(4) The requirements for issuing health codes for transit passengers to China are the same.

(5) In principle, passengers from Sydney and Melbourne should leave here for China. If it is necessary to go to another city to take a flight to China for special reasons, the inspection must be completed in the city of departure.

(6) When boarding, you must carry the test report provided when applying for the blue health code (it must be the official report issued by the test institution, printed or electronic version, and mobile phone messages or doctor certificates are not accepted)

(7) When submitting materials, carefully check to ensure that the materials are complete. Do not upload unnecessary materials, and do not repeatedly test and submit applications.

(8) Please upload the test report as soon as you receive it.

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