Why is China's third aircraft carrier called "Fujian ship"?

The naming ceremony for the launching of China's third aircraft carrier was held at Jiangnan Shipyard of China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

With the approval of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, China's third aircraft carrier was named "Fujian ship of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy" and the side number was "18".

Fujian warship is the first ejection type aircraft carrier independently designed and built by China. It adopts a straight and full-length flight deck, equipped with electromagnetic ejection and blocking devices, and has a full-load displacement of more than 80000 tons. After the ship is launched, mooring test and navigation test will be carried out as planned.

So, what is the point of naming Chinese naval vessels? Why is it called Fujian ship? What class of ships will be named after provinces and municipalities directly under the central government?

In the establishment sequence of the Chinese Navy, combat ships are usually called "舰艇(jian ting)". Generally, ships with a displacement greater than 500 tons are called "舰(Jian)", and ships with a displacement less than 500 tons are called "艇(Ting)"; Submarines are called "艇(Ting)" regardless of the displacement. Each ship has its own number and name since its birth. Generally, "1" is a destroyer and "5" is a frigate. The naming of ships enjoys a "lifetime system". In addition to numbering, the rules for the naming of naval vessels clearly stipulates that cruisers, amphibious assault ships and ships of higher levels shall be named after administrative provinces and municipalities directly under the central government.

China's aircraft carriers are all named after the administrative provinces, such as Liaoning and Shandong. Therefore, the third ship is the same. It is generally believed that the reason for choosing Fujian is to deter Taiwan.

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