Non Criminal Certification for Foreigners Working in China

With the help of Chinese enterprises, the non crime certification of foreigners working in China is one of the important application conditions for foreign employees to apply for work permits. It requires the relevant government departments of their own country to provide official supporting materials to prove that the foreign talent is established without crime in their home country.


1. How to certify outside China?


(1). Foreigners need to return to their home country (or entrust a spouse or agency with full civil capacity to handle it on their behalf, but they must submit the power of attorney, the identity certificate of the client and itscopy, and the citizen identity certificate of the trustee and its copy) to apply for notarization of certificate of no criminal record to the local notary office or administrative center in their home country.

Note: the original certificate of no criminal record should usually be issued by the police, court, notary organ and other departments in the place of nationality or habitual residence of the foreign applicant, and most of them must be handled in person.

(2). I carry the notarized document of no criminal record to the local embassy of China for notarization.


Note: it is necessary to make an appointment with the Embassy by telephone or email in advance, which can greatly reduce the authentication time and improve the authentication efficiency.


(3). When applying for a work visa, be sure to upload the original without criminal record and the certification together.


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