Online marriage in USA- China visa application for foreigners

Online marriage in the United States, not limited to gender, age, location, the marriage documents obtained by the United States recognized, and can handle the embassy certification, authentic and effective authority. The policy has indeed facilitated the reunions of exotic lovers. For lovers who need to come to China for a reunion,

If you submit relevant certificates to Chinese embassies and consulates, you can choose to apply for a family visit visa to China as husband and wife.

Online marriage applicants in the United States

Applicants must be at least 18 and have not been divorced in the United States within six months. There is no limitation not only on gender, but also on age, nationality and region.

Online marriage process in the United States

1. Sign up

2. Gather materials

3. Submit marriage application

4. Received marriage application

5. Book an online wedding

6. Have an online wedding

7. Get an electronic marriage license

8. Certification

9. Marriage certificate by mail

Family visit visa application process

1. Before the return of the marriage certificate, both parties shall prepare application materials other than the marriage certificate

2. Submit the application and make an appointment at the embassy or consulate

3. Return the passport and visa to the applicant after the examination

He/she from abroad goes to China

1. Buy airline tickets

2. Apply for a green code

3. Quarantine upon entry

4. Couples reunite

5. Foreigners apply for residence permits for reunion

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