Overseas driver's license renewal for Chinese driver's license

1、Why do you need to renew a Chinese driver's license

For foreigners who have stayed in China for a long time and even obtained permanent residence status in China, it is very necessary to renew a Chinese driver's license because they cannot drive in China with an overseas driver's license, which can bring many conveniences to foreigners' life in China:

1.Save the high cost of taking a taxi

2.Self drive travel can be selected for short distance travel between cities or long-distance domestic travel, which is more convenient and free

3.Avoid the situation that you can't get a car in small cities or remote areas or during rush hours

4.Avoid taking crowded public transport

2、Materials required for renewal of driver's license

1.Applicant's identity certificate and copy

It mainly includes passport and visa page, residence permit, China permanent residence card, etc

2.The original and copy of the applicant's foreign driver's license

3.Chinese translation of foreign driver's license and business license of translation agency

All designated translation agencies of vehicle management in some cities need to be confirmed in advance

4.Applicant's entry and exit records

Please ensure that you have stayed overseas for more than 3 months. This record does not need to be prepared by the applicant, and is generally checked by the vehicle administration

5.Physical examination certificate

You can ask the vehicle administration in advance whether there is a cooperative physical examination unit or an approved physical examination institution

6.One inch white background photos

Physical examination units can generally take photos at the same time

7.Motor vehicle driving license application form

If necessary in some cities, you can get it from the physical examination unit

8.More than 90 points in subject one examination

3、Specific handling process

Download the relevant app in advance for the simulation test of subject one (it is difficult to pass the exam without preparation, so it is recommended to stabilize the simulation test score at more than 95 points before preparing to apply for the Chinese driver's license).

Call the local vehicle management office to ask whether it needs a designated translation agency, whether the photography and physical examination items can be carried out in the vehicle management office or need to go to the designated physical examination agency, and whether it needs a motor vehicle driver's license application form.

Contact the translation agency to translate the overseas driving license and seal on it.

Go to the physical examination unit to take photos for physical examination.

Go to the vehicle management office to apply for an overseas driver's license, apply for a Chinese driver's license and submit materials.

After passing the approval, pay the fee and make an appointment for the examination of subject one of the day (there are two opportunities for the examination. If you fail the first examination, you can immediately take the second examination).

After passing the examination, you can obtain a Chinese driver's license on the same day.

If you go to the vehicle management office to apply for replacement and get the materials ready in advance, you can go through the whole process in one day as soon as possible, and you don't need to go back and forth to the vehicle management office many times, which can save a lot of time and cost.

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