PU invitation letter and application procedure

With the improvement of the domestic epidemic, most Chinese embassies abroad successively issued notices at the end of June and early July, exempting PU invitations originally required for applying for M visa and replacing them with invitations issued by inviting units or individuals in China. However, some embassies like in Russia still need PU invitation letters to apply for M visa.

Then what is PU invitation letter and what is the specific application process? These two questions will be mentioned one by one in the next.

What is PU invitation:

PU invitation letter, fully known as the invitation letter for foreigners to enter China, is an invitation letter specially approved by the Chinese government for some foreigners who urgently need to return to China to engage in business or resume work and production activities during the epidemic. After receiving the invitation letter, foreigners can apply for a new m visa to the Chinese Embassy / Visa Center abroad. PU invitation letter is an official and formal invitation letter required by Chinese enterprises in the M-visa. If it needs to be handled, it needs to apply at the domestic foreign affairs bureau and fax it to overseas invitees for them to apply for a business visa to China.

PU invitation application process:

1.The inviting unit shall prepare the required materials in detail and truthfully as required, and the local foreign affairs office can be consulted for the application template of the invitation letter.

2.Contact the local foreign affairs office or service center, submit the application materials, and then wait for the preliminary review and acceptance of the Department.

3.The local foreign affairs office will generally complete the review and acceptance of the materials submitted by the company within several working days from the date of submission, during which the company will be required to cooperate in the review and inspection.

4.After the approval of the local foreign affairs office, all the above materials shall be submitted to the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. The Municipal Foreign Affairs Office will review again according to the actual situation of the company, then fill in the invitation confirmation letter and submit it to the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office for review.

5.After receiving the submitted materials, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office will issue the Pu invitation letter confirmation after examination and confirmation within the specified working days, and return the invitation letter confirmation to the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office.

6.The company handling the Pu invitation letter will get the original of the Pu invitation letter confirmation from the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and deliver it to the visa applicant by mail or fax, which is convenient for him to use when applying for a visa.

Foreigners who can apply for PU:

1.Urgently needed foreign experts and high-end technical talents who contribute to China

2.Foreigners who are engaged in R & D or management in large enterprises or state-owned enterprises.

3.Core leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises, foreign personnel and important foreign participants in Sino foreign cooperation projects.

4.Foreign scholars with outstanding achievements recognized at home and abroad in business, science, medicine, computer and other fields.

5.Important foreign investors, business investigators in China, etc.

Matters needing attention:

1.PU invitation letter shall be applied by the inviting unit to the domestic and foreign affairs office

2.After the PU invitation letter is approved, foreigners can apply for visas at Chinese embassies abroad with the invitation letter

3.PU invitation is generally valid for 3 months, and it is invalid after expiration. If you still need to apply for a visa after the expiry date, you need to reapply for the PU invitation letter.

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