Registration of Temporary Accommodation for Foreigners in China

Is it important for foreigners to register for temporary accommodation in China?

Applying for temporary accommodation registration involves filling in a temporary accommodation registration form, which refers to a temporary accommodation registration form that a person without a Chinese identity card should produce valid certificates and fill in when lodging in a hotel, restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, school, enterprise, institution, organ, organization or other Chinese institutions.

As for Beijing, for example, there are two types of temporary accommodation registration forms, one at the police station and the other at the exit entry administration office. Those who stay at a resident’s home shall open a police station to which they belong. For those who live in foreign-related hotels, it shall be opened at the exit entry administration office. It is opened by the police station, and the format is unified. It was opened by the exit entry administration office. There is no fixed format. The temporary accommodation registration form issued by the exit and entry administration office is valid only on the same day and will be invalid the next day.

So, for example, if a Canadian grandson returns home to visit his relatives during the summer vacation, and he is not an outsider, will he go to the police station for temporary accommodation and register with the police station for temporary accommodation? The answer is yes. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry into China on the registration of temporary accommodation: Article 39 for foreigners staying in hotels within the territory of China, hotels shall handle accommodation registration for them in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public security administration of the hotel industry, and submit the registration information of foreigners’ accommodation to the local public security organ. Where a foreigner resides or lodges at a residence other than a hotel, he or she shall, within 24 hours after his or her stay, register with the public security organ at the residence.

Article 76 under any of the following circumstances, a warning shall be given and a fine of not more than two thousand yuan may also be imposed:

( 1 ) an alien refuses to accept the examination of his exit and entry certificate by a public security organ;

(2) Aliens who refuse to submit their residence certificates for examination;

(3) Failing to handle the birth registration and death declaration of foreigners in accordance with the provisions;

(4) The registration items of aliens’ residence certificates have been changed, and the change has not been handled in accordance with the provisions;

(5) Foreigners in China who falsely use other people’s exit and entry certificates;

(6) Failing to register in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 39 of this law.

Warm tips: after entering China, you must register for temporary accommodation as required to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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