Scheme for Third Countries Returning China Via Hong Kong

Step 1: transfer requirements

1. Hold a valid passport

2. Vaccinate the vaccine approved by Hong Kong, China

3. Provide vaccination certificate

4. It is required to hold the negative nucleic acid test report 48 hours before departure, provide the confirmation of designated quarantine Hotel and reservation of room.

Note: if the nucleic acid report 48 hours before departure is not provided, you need to stay in the quarantine hotel for 14 days (7 days if any)

Step 2: arrival process

1. After arriving at the port, it needs to be tested at the airport

2. Obtain negative airport test report

3. Check in + claim baggage

4. Take a special bus in the pick-up lobby

5. Go to the designated quarantine hotel for quarantine

Warm tips:

1 .Only holders of Chinese passports can stay in Hong Kong, China for 7 days without visa, but they must be isolated in the designated quarantine hotel for 7 days

2. The 7-day isolation period starts from the night of arrival. For example, the isolation period starts at the designated hotel on May 10, and is broken down from the 7-NIGHT isolation period on May 10, i.e. 23:59 on May 17. You cannot leave in advance during the quarantine period. You must wait until the quarantine period expires.

3. After the expiration of quarantine inspection in Hong Kong, passengers can choose to leave by plane or ship or land transportation. If you choose to fly inland, you need to buy an overseas Hong Kong mainland continuation ticket.

4. 5-8 hours before the departure of Hong Kong mainland flights, passengers need to make an appointment in advance for nucleic acid testing at Hong Kong airport, China, and make an appointment for the testing period as early as one week before the trip.

5. After returning to the mainland, we also need to be isolated according to the local isolation policy, so we need to be isolated in Hong Kong and the mainland of China. If this transit mode is not necessary, should it be used easily.

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