Short-Term Work Visa in China: Advantages and Disadvantages

The scope of common short-term work visa refers to a foreigner who enters China to complete a short-term work assignment and stays in China for no more than 90 days for the following reasons:

1. Complete a certain technical, scientific research, management, guidance and other work with the domestic partner;

2. Conduct trial training in domestic sports institutions (including coaches and athletes);

3. Shooting films (including commercials and documentaries);

4. Fashion shows (including car models and print ads).

Short-term work visa is different from long-term work visa, not only because of the different scope of application, but also has its own advantages and disadvantages, chuangqiaozhi summarized as follows:

Advantages of short-term work:

1. Fast application time, about 10 working days to complete;

2, the required materials are simple, such as model short-term work, the applicant only need to prepare passport information and health certificate;

3. It belongs to legal employment and is protected by labor law;

4. It is allowed to work in more than one employer, but the name of all working cities (no more than 5) should be listed when applying.

Disadvantages of short-term work:

1. The maximum validity period is 90 days and cannot be extended;

2. Limited scope of application, not all jobs can apply for short-term work visa. For jobs beyond the applicable scope, long-term work visa should be applied according to the application requirements of long-term work visa, and the significance of short-term work visa is not the same as business M visa or visiting F visa;

3. A z-visa holder with a stay of less than 30 days is not required to apply for a work-type residence permit. A z-visa holder with a stay of more than 30 days (including 30 days) is required to apply for a work-type residence permit.

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