The Latest China Emergency Humanitarian Visa Application Guide

According to official standards, the current emergency humanitarian visa can only be approved in extreme cases such as serious illness, critical illness or death of domestic relatives.

1. Application materials (specific materials shall be subject to the requirements of embassies and consulates abroad, and the requirements of different embassies will vary)

(1). Original and copy of passport, visa application form and photos;

(2). Critical illness notice (visit) or death certificate;

(3).Proof of kinship between the applicant and the invitee (or deceased);

(4). Copies of the invitation letter and the front and back of the invitee's ID card.

2、 Contact the embassies and consulates in the consular area:

After preparing the materials, contact the embassies and consulates in the consular area to truthfully state their own situation and the reasons for handling the emergency humanitarian attention visa. Because the staff of embassies and consulates abroad deal with many affairs every day, if your communication is illogical, the explanation is insufficient and the content is disorganized, it will directly affect the acceptance of visas.

3、 Warm tips:

The difficulty of emergency humanitarian visa increases:

(1). Go to China to increase antigen detection;


(2). Embassies abroad issue health codes based on comprehensive consideration of various factors. Even if the applicant meets the application conditions, it may not be able to obtain health codes. Please determine the travel plan according to your own economic status and travel necessity to avoid economic losses caused by the inability to return and change air tickets.

(3). The proportion of visa rejection in China has increased. Some cases that can be approved from 2020 to 2021 have been rejected this year, and further require the standardization and timeliness of emergency humanitarian certificates.


(4). After receiving the materials, the embassy and consulate will verify with domestic hospitals and other units. Any false declaration or falsification of materials will violate Chinese laws and regulations and will directly affect this visa application.

Therefore, it is recommended that you apply after planning and material preparation, so as to avoid the final failure caused by repeated applications.

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