The Way International Students Study in Chinese Universities

International students here refer to foreign students who do not have Chinese nationality but have student status in various schools in China. As we all know, the threshold for foreign students to enter colleges and universities in China is much lower than the threshold for Chinese students to study abroad in colleges and universities in other countries. The exam is easy and the economic cost is low. Moreover, different colleges and universities have different welfare policies for foreign students.

In general, there are three ways for foreign students to enter Chinese institutions of higher learning:

1, preparatory education entrance way, that is foreign to leave China at their own expense in the formal admission to 1-2 years before, first by the preparatory training courses in colleges and universities by language, professional knowledge and cultural aspects of learning, to the end of the exam qualified after officially admitted, but this approach only limited to the government scholarship students, medical students and some college students.

2. The method of entrance examination for international students is that universities and colleges take examinations of China overview, history, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects for foreign students who want to study in our university. However, such examinations are not unified nationwide, but sponsored by each university itself.

3, foreign students "application" and "review" of the way of admission without examination. For example, in recent years, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University have adopted an "application-review" admission system for undergraduate students. Foreign students can apply as long as they meet certain requirements. For example, they can apply for HSK4 or above (HSK4 means they can communicate in Chinese). Then they can submit the application materials to the school and be admitted after the school passes the interview. Most of the colleges and universities that exempt foreign students from examinations have no requirements except for certain language requirements.

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