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"Chinese Green card" is a permanent residence permit issued by the Chinese government to foreign citizens. It is the legal identification card for foreign citizens to reside in China. The duration of residence in China is unlimited.

"Chinese Green Card" style: The 2017 version of foreigner's permanent residence ID card is designed and made according to the standards of the second generation of resident ID card, embedded with contactless integrated circuit chip. The registration items include the holder's name, gender, date of birth, nationality, validity period, issuing authority and certificate number, etc. The personal information of the holder and the management information of the issuance of the certificate are stored in the chip, which can be read by the second-generation id card reading machine.

Permanent Residence Id Card for Foreigners, namely Chinese Green Card, is valid for 5 years for minors and 10 years for adults.

Today, We first introduce to you applicants "foreigner permanent residence" application types?

① Family type: husband and wife reunion, parent-child reunion, relatives take refuge.

② Type of work: staff, investment staff, special contribution staff.

In the future, the application for permanent residence will be more focused on talents, that is to say, those who work in China or do scientific research, so as to attract talents. For family reunion (family reunion), a quota system will be introduced to limit the number of applicants per year, for long-term residence (proof of long-term residence), and for subsidiary (family and spouse of high-end talents).

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