Visas for Foreigners to Transfer to Work Visa in China

1. Transfer from student visa to work visa

Foreign students who just graduated, do not have 2 years of relevant work experience, can directly use the student visa into a work visa?

The answer is: yes!

According to the classification standards for foreigners working in China, foreign professionals who are urgently needed for the development of China's economic and social undertakings and meet one of the requirements shall be confirmed as Class B.

Article 1: Foreign professionals with bachelor's degree or above and 2 years or above relevant working experience.

Class B judgment Article 3: foreign language teaching personnel. In principle, foreign language teachers should be engaged in teaching the mother tongue of their native country, and have a bachelor's degree or above and at least 2 years of working experience in language education. Among them, those who have obtained bachelor's degree or above in education, language or teacher education, or obtained the international teacher certificate or obtained the required International Language Teaching Certificate (TEFL in China 120 Hours), can be exempted from the requirement of working experience.

If you are confused about your education or work experience, and want to work or live in China, please send us a personal email to provide you with an identity plan.

2. Business visa to work visa

Different cities have different regulations on how to transfer business visas to work visas. Whether a foreigner holding a business visa can directly apply for a work visa in China depends on two factors:

I、Applicant's Nationality: Some cities require sensitive nationality applicants to hold Z visa, otherwise they cannot directly transfer to work type residence permit. Non-sensitive nationality applicants may directly apply for work permits and work-type residence permits in some cities.

II、Employer's city: Some cities require applicants to enter the country with a Z visa, regardless of nationality.

3. Transfer from relative visa to foreigner working visa

If a foreigner holds a visiting visa in China and is employed by a company, he/she can directly apply for a work-type residence permit, but only for his/her immediate family members, and he/she needs to provide proof of family relationship. If you are not an immediate family member or cannot provide a family relationship certificate, you cannot directly apply for the work permit. You need to apply for the work permit notice first, and then apply for the work permit after transferring the Z-visa in China, and finally apply for the residence permit.

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