What about Short-term Visa to China

Many foreigners hold short-term visas and want to extend or transfer their residence permit after entering the country. Here are some common situations. I hope you can make plan preparations before the visa expires.

1、 Apply for PU invitation letter entry m visa

Such visas are now quite common. Foreigners apply for PU invitation letters during the epidemic and enter the country with business visas. Most of them are only issued with a 90 day validity period.

Situation 1: If foreigners need to extend their visas in time, they can apply for an extension, and their stay can be extended for no more than 180 days.

Situation 2: But if it is an enterprise that needs to work in China for a long time, it can be converted into a work residence permit.

2、 Emergency humanitarian return Q visa

During the epidemic, many foreigners returned home with this visa, but its validity period is mostly 180 days. If you want to continue to stay after entering the country, you can prepare materials and transfer your residence permit as soon as possible.

Situation 1: Relatives in China can be transferred into a group to obtain a residence permit.

Situation 2: Domestic workers can apply for work residence permits.

3、 S visa for short-term private affairs

This type of visa is rarely seen after the epidemic. At present, foreigners can still apply for long-term private affairs visas in China. For those holding S2 visa, family visitors shall submit the letter issued by the visited person, Alien Residence Certificate and family member relationship certificate. Other personnel shall submit relevant certificates for handling private affairs. The period of stay can be extended to no more than 180 days for family visitors and no more than 90 days for other personnel.

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