What does a foreigner need to do after receiving a work permit in China?

1. Please refer to the official notices issued by the embassies and consulates of the People's Republic of China and local policies for the application materials.

2. After obtaining the Z-visa, foreign employees can book air tickets to enter China. Before boarding the plane, they can apply for a health code according to the requirements of the local Chinese embassy and consulate and take nucleic acid test. After entry, follow the local airport to arrange for quarantine.

3. After quarantine, foreign employees should go to the local police station to register temporary residence certificate, go to the designated hospital for physical examination (commercial or social insurance is required in some areas), and apply for stay visa at exit and entry. (Z visa requires a work residence permit to be applied within 30 days after entry, while it takes about 3 weeks to complete quarantine during the epidemic)

After obtaining the above materials, you can make an appointment to apply for a work permit on the System of Foreigners coming to China. The general period is 15 working days. After obtaining the work permit card, you can make an appointment with the Exit and Entry Administration bureau to apply for a work-type residence permit, the period is about 5-10 working days.

4. After completing all the above procedures and obtaining the work and residence permit, please contact the local police station to update your id information.

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