What is the “Chinese Green Card”?

What is the “Chinese Green Card”?

The word “green card” originated from the United States, and got its name because the permanent residence permit issued by the United States to foreigners is a green card. As the name suggests“Chinese Green Card” refers to the permanent residence permit issued by the government of the people’s Republic of China to foreign citizens. It is the legal identity document for foreigners who have obtained the permanent residence qualification to stay in China. The period of residence in China is unlimited. They can enter and leave China with passports and green cards, and no visa is required. From June 16, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security issued a new version of the “Chinese Green Card”, changing the original “alien permanent residence permit” to “alien permanent residence identity card”, which, like the identity card of Chinese citizens, can be presented and used separately.

Who can apply the “Chinese Green Card”?

The measures for the administration of the examination and approval of foreigners’ permanent residence in China stipulates that foreigners’ permanent residence permits, namely “Chinese Green Card”, can be granted to high-level foreign talents who work in relevant units in China, foreign investors who have a high amount of direct investment in China, personnel who have made significant contributions to China or have special needs of the country, and family reunion personnel such as husband and wife reunification, minors’ taking refuge in their parents, and the elderly taking refuge in their relatives.

What treatment can foreigners who obtain “Chinese Green Card” enjoy?

1. Not subject to the entry ban during the epidemic prevention and control period – visa free, free to enter and leave China with passport and Chinese green card (still need to be isolated and observed according to local epidemic prevention regulations);

2. Realize family reunification – spouses and minor children can also apply for a “Chinese green card“;

3. Free work and legal employment – there is no need to apply for, extend or renew foreigners’ work permits (except for some industries);

4. Earn money at home and spend abroad – the income obtained at home can be remitted abroad according to law;

5. Enjoy national welfare – you can participate in China’s social security, and you can pay, use and withdraw the provident fund; Accompanying children can enjoy compulsory education;

6. The threshold for buying a house is reduced – buying a house in China is not limited by the length of residence;

7. Travel is more convenient – China green card can be used directly by taking high-speed rail, plane and accommodation; Driving test and car purchase also enjoy the same national treatment;

8. Simplified naturalization procedures – simple and fast procedures for joining or restoring Chinese citizenship.

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