What Materials do Foreign Children Need to Study in China

What materials do foreign children need to prepare in advance to study in China

At present, we know that foreign children in some areas choose to attend schools in China and share the preparation materials required for admission! However, due to the scientific delimitation of the enrollment area and the further adjustment of the requirements of each compulsory education school, the local actual requirements shall prevail.

1.Select school type

Foreign children studying in China can choose pure foreign schools, international schools and public schools.

2.Admission conditions and material requirements

After knowing the schools that children can attend, parents should start preparing the materials needed for admission.

3.Pure foreign schools and international schools need parents' work visa + children's visa

For foreign students, more choose pure foreign international schools. In recent years, pure foreign schools have become more and more strict in the requirements and investigation of students' identity. Before applying for admission, students are required to provide foreign passports + valid Chinese visas (residence permits) + entry-exit seals; There are also requirements for the identity of parents. One of the parents is a foreigner and needs to hold a local work and residence permit (work visa).

For example: Beijing area

According to Article 15 of the measures of Beijing Municipality on the administration of student status of primary and secondary schools, if one of the following circumstances is met, it shall be treated as a student with registered residence of this Municipality:

(1) Children of Taiwan compatriots recognized by the District Taiwan Affairs Office;

(2) Children of postdoctoral researchers in Beijing recognized by the state or Beijing Municipal postdoctoral management department;

(3) Children of active servicemen who meet the conditions for settling in Beijing with the army and are going through the formalities for joining the army;

(4) Children of overseas Chinese recognized by the district Overseas Chinese Affairs Department;

(5) One of the parents has a permanent registered residence in the city;

(6) One of the parents holds the Beijing work residence permit;

(7) Other circumstances that comply with the relevant policies and regulations of the state and this Municipality.

To sum up, if foreign students want to study in China, it is recommended to prepare in advance:

1. Three level certification of overseas birth paper

2. Parents' work residence permit

3. The child's valid visa or Chinese green card

4. Other materials required by the school

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