Why do foreigners apply for entrepreneurial residence permit in China

First, what is entrepreneurial residence permit?

Entrepreneurial residence permit is a special residence permit for outstanding International students. The visa type is private residence permit (S visa with "entrepreneurship" added), which provides entry-exit convenience for high-end foreign students who are willing to innovate and start businesses.

Second, why do you want to start a business and stay?

1. To carry out business and work or reside in China legally;

2. Effectively extend your stay in China without worrying about returning to China due to graduation.

3. Obtain Chinese policy support and apply for relevant subsidies.

III. Applicants and requirements of the Entrepreneurship and Residence Service program for Foreign Students:

1. Fresh graduates from overseas students in China

2. Good physical condition

3. Willing to innovate and start a business

IV. Materials required for entrepreneurial residence application

1. Original personal passport

2. Certificate of Chinese higher education

3. Business plan or project plan

4. Other relevant information

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