Wonderful life of foreigners in Shenzhen, China

On the weekend of jiaochangwei, the sound of waves fluctuated, people on the beach played with water, and motorboats constantly decorated the sea surface of Daya Bay with white waves.

The courtyard of aroha inn is close to the beach. A child is staring at the oven with gusts of fragrance. "It's really delicious!" William flipped the roast skillfully as he spoke.

William is introducing the dishes to the guests.

William is a pilot from Brazil. He worked for Shenzhen Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and other airlines. 11 years ago, he met Ding Yujuan, the owner of the inn. Although the captain's work allows him to work and live all over the world, Shenzhen is always the place he wants to "return". Recently, due to many inconveniences caused by the epidemic, he gave up the captain's work and went to work in the inn. Brazilian barbecue has also become the characteristic food of the Inn. "This is a very friendly city to foreigners, a metropolis with many choices, and very inclusive and open. I think this is the best choice for foreigners to live in China." William said.

Chinese and foreign residents and more than 20 international volunteers from Germany, Poland, Montenegro and the United States rode on the West extension line of Shenzhen Bay coastal scenery leisure belt.

"Guests from Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and many other countries will come to our inn to experience windsurfing and other maritime sports. In the past summer vacation, foreigners accounted for almost one-third of the guests. Most of them live in Shenzhen and come here for vacation." Ding Yujuan said that the inn not only has different choices of Chinese and Western food, but also the menu is both Chinese and English. In fact, it is not limited to the home stay menu. Multilingual signs can always be found in the streets at the end of the venue, whether it is Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean on the general guide and signs, or Chinese and English bilingual notices everywhere on the beach.

On the south coast road of the South Australia Peninsula, resort hotels and inns built along the coast are often hard to find. Here, people can not only look at the rippling sea, but also enjoy the boundless sunset.

Dapeng beach attracts foreigners far more than this one. The first beach in South Australia has just welcomed a group composed of nearly 30 people from different countries. They are dancing zunba, Muay Thai and practicing yoga on the sunshine beach... A cliff restaurant near it on the hillside has also welcomed several foreigners to enjoy the sunset, "the sunset here is very beautiful." Aliona from Russia sighed and recorded these beautiful scenes with a pocket pan tilt camera.

Beautiful urban environment and open and inclusive cultural environment have become important reasons for many international talents to choose Shenzhen. However, in addition to creating an environment suitable for living and working, Shenzhen has explored a more systematic international construction scheme.

In 2019, Shenzhen issued the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of international blocks and improving the internationalization level of the city, and then the Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office issued the guidelines for the key work of the construction of international blocks in Shenzhen, which promoted the construction of the working mechanism of the whole city's mobilization, full participation and national experience. The first batch of 20 international blocks covered 10 districts of the whole city. According to the plan, more than 15 international blocks will be built in Shenzhen by 2022.

Now, more than half of the "three-year appointment" has passed, and a number of international blocks have taken shape: large buildings designed by international masters, various international exchange activities, international volunteer teams formed by young people from many countries, bilingual signs everywhere... Shenzhen is becoming more and more "international" in terms of urban image, public service and environmental atmosphere. The service improvement of these software and hardware facilities marks the exploration and innovation of grass-roots governance mechanism, reflecting "Chinese elements, Shenzhen theme and world expression".

In the 47 innovative measures and experiences of Shenzhen promoted by the national development and Reform Commission in late July this year, "building an international block with 'more Shenzhen, more international' has become one of them, and it is proposed to explore a new way to promote the modernization of urban governance system and governance capacity.

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